Official Release of Cuban Angel!

Maria Fernandez was born in Cuba the year Fidel Castro and his revolution took over the country. Her fascinating story, written by Maria, and compiled by Dyan Diamond, explains what Cuba was really like in those early days. Her father committed suicide when she was very young, and she and her beloved mother managed to escape Cuba on the Freedom Flights.

Her story takes us to California, where she grows up and finishes her education to become a medical professional. We learn about what the separation from country and family meant for Maria and her mother. She tells us about losing her mother and her loneliness in not finding the right life partner for herself. She bravely exposes herself and her attempts to leave this world before it was time.

Maria discovered a new love of life and a new mission for herself. She shares her thoughts on the recent opening up of Cuba and what it could mean for the Cuban people. Maria’s story about Cuba, her life and finding her life’s purpose is a wonderful story of hope, faith and most importantly, love.

You can find this incredible book here: Lulu   Amazon   Barnes and Noble

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