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It is a pleasure and privilege for True North House to introduce Chelsea Lyons to you. Chelsea is an amazing political and environmental activist. She is the author of:  Siren: Sounding the Alarm on Politics, Sex and the New American Revolution, published April 2018



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About Chelsea Lyons

Chelsea describes herself as an an activist, citizen journalist, former Bernie delegate and water protector.

Chelsea was born in Dallas, Texas. By age 16, Chelsea was left to fend for herself. In her 20s, Chelsea turned to mindfulness meditation and this changed her life. She soon met and married her husband and they were blessed with two daughters and a son. Yet, she was restless and had a hunger for knowledge. She started an online blog and wrote about politics. Chelsea became progressively involved in political and environmental activism, which led her to working for the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign in 2016, and then her activism at Standing Rock, Flint, Michigan and Puerto Rico.

Book Summary

This great read is fast moving and explosive. Chelsea bears all and shares her innermost thoughts and feelings about these all important political and environmental issues. She challenges much of our modern day thinking about life and takes a strong stand on environmental issues.

Chelsea Lyons gives us a blunt, bold and brave account of what it really means to be a political and environmental activist in this surprising and sometimes shocking read. She takes us on her journey as she covers political protests at the DNC, her months on the ground in Standing Rock, breaking international news from Flint, Michigan, all the way to a month of hurricane relief in Puerto Rico and beyond. Amidst all of these historical events, she also describes a deep spiritual and sexual awakening while on the road. Chelsea explores the particular struggles of women activists as she chronicles the lies, sex, corruption and drama in this witty, honest, and provocative memoir.

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Lead Organizer for the Bernie Sanders grassroots campaign in Hawaii
Committee member, Hawaii Democratic Party
District Chair, Hawaii Democratic Party (briefly)
National Delegate for Bernie Sanders at the Democratic National Convention
State Administrator for Women for Bernie Sanders
Video Journalist- Bernie 2016 TV
Video Journalist- Real Progressives
Video Journalist- Truth Against The Machine
Volunteer Women’s Ambassador, Aqua International.

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This book will also soon be available on Amazon (paperback and Kindle), Barnes & Noble (paperback and Nook) and other online booksellers.

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Environmental awareness

Women based sexuality

Standing Rock Movement

Political awareness


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Book Excepts

“I decided that I would go to Standing Rock. What else can you do when you live in a world where prescribed medicines kill you, food poisons you, education brainwashes you and you’re expected to pay for all of it? Clean water was one of the few luxuries we had left.”

“We are exactly what our corporate overlords are afraid of. People like us are the reason they spend billions of dollars every year on propaganda to keep the masses asleep. We are free thinking individuals who see through the charade. We are willing to break their rules to keep our planet safe and we do so peacefully with the truth on our side.”

“We have forgotten about the beauty that is female sexuality outside of billboards and music videos. Sadly, millions of men AND women believe, still, that women aren’t biologically supposed to enjoy sex (and even further, that women who do enjoy sex are “whores”) which proves just how regressive our education is in that department of the human experience.”

“I had gone to Standing Rock last year and now I knew that I could feel at home ANYWHERE. From the blizzards of North Dakota, to the corn fields of Pennsylvania, the farmlands of Iowa, the swamps of Florida, or the suburbs of Flint. Home is where the heart is. Home is where the fight is.”

“My divine feminine burns strong. I am a woman who will not be told to be quiet. I will not be tame. I will not provide you with false pleasantries to ease your masculine ego. I will not deny myself to preserve your delicate ideology of what a woman is supposed to be. Women are a force to be reckoned with. We are finding our voices and you are going to listen to them.”

“The most beautiful parts of life are incredibly messy. There’s no reason to fear that. Enjoy doing things that you once feared. Break barriers. Be different. Be loud. Give the world hell. Make them remember your name.”