Help Promote Indigenous And Environmental Awareness

For: Shiyé Bidzííl
Organizer: True North House Publishing & Promotions

Our Story

Please help Shiyé Bidzííl promote Indigenous and environmental education. We need funds to help him get started on a book promotion tour so he can share his book, Through Indigenous Eyes, and spread the word. He will be speaking about the Standing Rock movement and the impact Indigenous and Environmental rights have on the world. He will share his stories as a local drone pilot from Standing Rock.

He needs a drone, copies of his book, a working phone, travel expenses and a reliable vehicle. He plans to tour the country and talk about Indigenous rights and the roles of drones in environmental protection.

This is a very important fundraiser because Indigenous people have not had a voice in the past. Many people do not even know that Indigenous Americans still exist. We believe that Indigenous people can help lead the world out of the environmental crisis and restore balance. Please help us educate America about Indigenous people and environmental issues.

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