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True North House Publishing is very pleased and excited to introduce Shiyé Bidzííl (aka Dean Dedman Jr.) and his new book, Through Indigenous Eyes, The story of the Standing Rock movement as told by a local drone pilot and visionary. Published January 2018.


About Shiyé Bidzííl

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About Shiyé Bidzííl

“We fight every day for what we believe in, that’s Mother Earth. We fight spiritually, mentally, physically. For our planet. To help her and guide her and keep her safe for future generations. We are the stories.” ~ Shiyé Bidzííl

Shiyé Bidzííl was born in Bismarck, North Dakota. He is Hunkpapa Lakota and Diné Navajo. He was born for the Bitterwater clan. He lived in Chinle, Arizona until he was 12 years old. His family moved to the Standing Rock reservation.  He graduated from high school and spent two years at the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He studied communications, production and film.

In early 2016 he acquired his first drone. He was flying it beautifully right away, like a professional.  He started his own drone company, Drone2BWild photography and video, just as Dakota Access threatened to put an oil pipeline through Lakota Treaty land at Standing Rock.

Shiyé began to put videos together and live stream drone footage as Standing Rock stood up against the big oil corporation.  He brought countless people to Standing Rock and raised worldwide awareness of Indigenous struggles and environmental issues.

His story of Standing Rock is exciting, frightening, inspiring, heart breaking and very educational. He meets movie stars, political figures, music artists, community organizers, environmental activists, news reporters and media personalities and other Indigenous activists. His work is shared worldwide.

The movement takes him to California for speaking engagements and back to Standing Rock for the final raid and closing of camp.

He continued his Indigenous and environmental awareness work after camp was shut down. He helped set up a new camp for water protectors. He went to Washington D.C. and marched with many other Indigenous activists. He won a major award for his drone footage of Standing Rock from the New York City Drone Film Festival.

His story chronicles the Standing Rock movement.  All of the ups, downs and purely human moments. Shiyé tells the tales of environmental terrorism and uprising heroes with honesty and love.

Book Summary

Journey with Shiyé as he shares his truths, insights, wisdom and humor in this incredible, moving, true story of the Standing Rock movement. From before the first tipi was erected until after the camps were raided, Shiyé tells the stories of water protectors who try to stop an oil pipeline with their prayers and presence. He takes us on adventures with his drone. He tells us about the water protectors who were met with violent resistance and how this all ties into the Indigenous oppression in the United States today. And he tells us the story of how the water protectors spread out like seeds to start a worldwide awareness movement of Indigenous and environmental issues.

“We will always remember the year 2016. The year we natives came together to stand up for all of earth’s water supply. History in the making. We come with prayer and good intentions. We are here. We are water protectors.” ~ Shiyé Bidzííl

Shiyé on Social Media

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Twitter: @Drone2BWild

Awards, Accomplishments, Interviews

In March 2017 a documentary with his drone footage won the New York City Drone Film Festival News/Documentary category. The Drone Operators of #NoDAPL

Shiyé has been invited to attend the 2018 Sundance Film Festival in January.  A movie titled, Akicita: The Battle of Standing Rock, has been compiled using his drone footage and will be shown at the Festival.

Shiyé has been interviewed by many, many live feeders on Facebook. He has also interviewed many others.

Some of the other media outlets that he has done work with and been interviewed by are:

KLND radio (local to Standing Rock) FM Community Radio.


Bismarck Tribune Newspaper featured his drone photos

Some of his interviews:

KXMB local news

Overpass Light Brigade

Yes! Magazine


The Young Turks

Unicorn Riot

Digital Smoke Signals

Indigenous Rising Media

Indigenous Environmental Network

Relatives In Prayer


His drone footage has been used in many public awareness videos. It has also been used in:

Viceland, Rise Series

Drezus, music video: Get Up!

Akicita Film, shown at Sundance Film Festival 2018

Some of his public speaking engagements:

Haskell Indian Nations University

UC Berkley

California: private groups

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Ebook available:

Kindle and nook ebook versions also coming soon.

Speaking Topics

Indigenous rights and Treaty rights

Indigenous awareness

Environmental awareness – oil and water

Indigenous spirituality and the teachings of Mother Nature


Standing Rock movement

Drone technology, drone awareness and how to effectively use drones in any movement

Political awareness

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Some of his drone footage:

They’ve begun digging

Early camp

Canoes come in



Drone gets shot

We are taking our lands back North Dakota